Our Windows

If you are looking to transform your home to a more modern appearance, casement wooden windows may be a good investment for your home.

Casement windows open parallel, either swinging in toward you or being pushed outward.

Impact Precious Wood offers a variety of Casement Windows to fit your personal needs and specifications to renovate your home.

At Impact Precious Wood, you’ll find windows that are arch shaped, as well as windows that are rectangular and constituent multiple panels. You can make your selection either from outswing or inswing wooden casement windows that are finished or unfinished.

Impact Precious Wood offers all there Casement Windows from only the highest quality of Colombian Mahogany only the finest wood in the market.

You could visit them at Impact Precious Wood, Inc. to browse there gallery of windows model.

Who says a window must fit into a wall?

Impact Precious Wood, Inc. offers a variety of fixed windows; modern building designers can manufacture walls of glass, opening the smallest rooms or the largest halls to comprehensive views.

These windows may be fixed, but our sizes and configurations are so adjustable that we can meet any of your specifications. Available in the highest quality of Mahogany, Cedar, Teak, White Oak and other timbers available as well as high efficiency glazing systems, to your requirements.

You can choose your Custom Fixed Windows, Transoms or Wood Storefront at Impact Precious Wood, Inc. to choose a model that best fits you.

Impact Precious Wood handcrafts Curved Windows to fit your exact specifications, we work hand by hand with our clients to transform their unique visions into custom curved windows that will be appreciated and admired by your guest.

Impact Precious Wood dedicates there full commitment to craft your Curved Windows to your exact specifications, taste and needs. Here at Impact Precious Wood we offer the safest and most luxurious Custom Windows that not only appeared elegant but safe as well, Certified by Miami-Dade County to be Impact Resistant to Violent weathers or even intruders to your home.

You may browse through some of our Curved Windows models at Impact Precious Wood, Inc.