Terms & Conditions

By purchasing goods and services from Impact Precious Wood, the Customer hereby agrees to the following Terms & Conditions


By purchasing goods and services from Impact Precious Wood, the Customer hereby agrees to the following Terms & Conditions.


  • The client accepts that any correspondence that is not completed by email has no validity in the order process. The seller has to emphasize to the client any approval, detailed communication, and change has to be done by email.
  • Impact Precious Wood, Inc. will generate fabrication shop drawings of the Product with dimensions of the opening where the product will be installed, Is the client responsibility’s to verify items included in the order and approve the design, The product will be fabricated according to the exhibits applied in the shop drawings.
  • No refund on custom-made orders. The manufacturer has 90 days from the delivery date to correct errors or defects from the product if any.
  • As the Products are made to order, they cannot be changed, returned, or canceled once in production.


  • After the initial invoice has been processed, if an additional charge is required, a change order must be requested for approval.
  • Estimates are only valid for 30 days. Additional charges may be applied to special orders.
  • This order does not include any type of licenses, engineering shop drawings, calculations, permits for the city of Miami Dade, or others unless specified.
  • The order includes from factory 3/4" x 3.5" standard flat brick molding or casing.
  • Special moldings are not included, any change must be specified in the original invoice or a change order must be generated with an additional charge.
  • Price does not include door handle, special Hardware, and molding casing or delivery if not specified.
  • In the case of doors with electronic cylinders, the customer must be clear that if it is not decided at the time of the order, the adaptation at the time of or after the installation has additional charges.
  • We do not install handles that are not purchased through Impact Precious Wood.


  • Impact Precious Wood, Inc. utilizes materials and processes that create one-of-a-kind Products with slight color and pattern variations.
  • These variations are inherent in the materials used and are part of what makes custom products unique. This is a highly specialized product that requires professional installation and finishing, to avoid warps and cracks of the wood from exposure to the environment; it is recommended that this unit is protected by a porch.


  • All invoice amounts should be paid to Impact Precious Wood. by cheque, credit card (3% processing fee), or wiring transfer in accordance with the present terms and conditions
  • The term requires a 50% deposit upon order, and a balance due before delivery no exceptions.


  • The client understands this is a custom-made product requiring adjustments and timeframes may vary, subject to the availability of personnel.
  • Lead time does not start until shop drawings are approved and signed.
  • Completely finished doors may require an additional 3-4 weeks added to the lead time.


  • Impact Precious Wood is responsible to verify field measurements if installation is included.
  • If the order was fabricated following opening plans and specifications, and there is a discrepancy in the opening dimensions, we are not responsible.
  • The preparation of the opening includes the installation of the structural bucking or floor preparation so that the door is level with the floor of the property inside and out. It is not included unless it is specified in the original invoice or a change of order including the additional service has been generated.
  • The door will be installed and prepared to be ready for inspection, when confirmation is received that inspection has passed, the additional components that complete the order and operation of the product will be installed.
  • Once the door is installed and when it is completely finished it is delivered personally to the person in charge of signing the delivery order, in case there is no responsible person to sign and review, we will take photos where we will have evidence of the state in which the door has been delivered, any damage caused after delivery will not be covered by warranty.
  • The client understands the anchorage of the product requires a structure or aligned and straight surface. We are not responsible for complications due to the unevenness of the wall structure or opening.
  • Any type of wall or drywall repair is not included.
  • The client understands that the anchorage of the product requires a structure or aligned and straight surface. We are not responsible for complications due to the unevenness of the wall structure or opening.
  • If the product is to be stored at IPW for more than 30 days, the balance payment is due after arrival and a monthly storage fee of $0.35/sqft will apply if payment is not received within the time frame.
  • Masonry Opening must be ready for installation. Additional charges will incur if the concrete has to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Removal and disposing of existing doors are not included unless specified.
  • We are not responsible for the finishing of the drywall after installation.


  • Any notification of claim must be made by email to info@impactpreciouswood.com (subject “warranty claim_address of the property” for any request to be valid, accompanied by clear and legible photos to assist in the claim efficiently
  • The entire obligation is limited under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • All disputes related to product quality or invoice discrepancies must be reported to IPW within 30 days of the receipt of the product.
  • Products should be properly stained and installed to be covered by the warranty.
  • Any product not installed by impact precious wood will void the warranty.