Impact Elliptical Doors

What is an Impact Elliptical Door?

Double entry mahogany doors from Impact Precious Wood, Inc. are made from 100 percent authentic solid mahogany. They can be custom-ordered in a variety of classic styles including squaretop, arch top, elliptical top, and with designer art glass, among dozens of others.

The key to choosing the right double entry doors for your home is to pick a style that is complementary to both your interior and exterior design scheme layout.

One of the common mistakes people make when picking the design for their double mahogany entry doors is to go with a style that matches their home’s outer decor but is too formal for the modern interior of the entry way. The classic mahogany entry door tends to lean towards the stately or ornate, which is a wonderful accent to a home’s exterior. But if the inner foyer or side dining room that the door opens onto is light and airy or brightly decorated, a dark entry door can clash with the mood.

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