Impact French Doors

Impact French Doors

Imagine walking into a room of your home, to a beautiful view of your garden, mean while you experience and feel the scent of the mahogany oak wood in your home. All your dreams could come true by incorporating with Impact Precious Wood Inc.

Arched French Doors you have the option to expand the size, light, view and prestige of any room or any entrance.

Arched French Doors Miami-Dade certified impact resistant to violent weathers and even intruders. Keep in mind of such a magnificent look of our variety of wood windows to match your Arched French Doors.

The views of water and gardens gives us pleasure, peace and harmonious relaxation.

French doors create open space, with larger more spacious rooms, allowing more light to enter the room as if it was outdoors. The wooden structures give the guarantee of total safety and beauty that harmonizes with the largest spaces that create the greatest amount of sunlight and visibility.

Impact Precious Wood, Inc. has quality standards against impacts on high security glass. We hold several transparent crystals, with sunscreens and clarity with full impact resistance of All kinds. The treatment of our wood against water absorption and protection to deterioration by sunlight to guarantee total customer investment protection. Different models, arched, elliptical and square are our extensive catalog. Sidelites, transoms accompany the beautiful image of French doors.

French doors is same a Patio Doors. One lite o multilites.

Our carpenters with extensive experience will provide the best quality manpower and technical and professional setting of the crystals. The model is selected in the steps you need us to make them; please visit us in Miami or in the Internet web site: Impact Precious Wood, Inc.

Wooden Impact Doors fancy modern